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“From the moment our new wedding micro-site and lead system went live, we started scheduling more tours than ever before.

The app allows me to text couples (which I love) without having them mixed up with my personal texts. I was hesitant about going digital, but now I couldn't imagine going back to my old notebook and paper calendar! ”

Natalie Zima, General Manager
The Rose Chapel

step 1.

Traffic Channels

Google Rankings

& Paid Advertising

Every month, over 714,000 searches are made for "wedding venue" on Google.  Those searches are going somewhere, why not to your venue? 

Instragram and Facebook offer amazing targeting options that allow us to get your ad in front of people that are "engaged to be married" in your area. 

Combining several, proven traffic channels provides a consistant flow of new leads. 

step 2.

Designed for Conversion

Landing Pages.
Full Resort Sites.

Beautiful sites and landing pages allow amazing venues to show off their best features and inspire couples.

Smart calls-to-action encourage viewers to learn more by submitting a quick form - this starts our conversion automation process that focuses on scheduling a tour.

All sites are designed to look great on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

step 3.

Booking System

Automated Follow-up.
Online Tour Scheduling.
Text Messaging.

The key to booking tours is quick and informative follow-up. All new leads trigger a series of automated emails and text messages that encourage couples to book a tour on your website. All leads are tracked through the entire sales process and reports show exactly where your actual bookings are coming from.

I Help Venues Book More
Weddings & Events

My name is Adam Kline, I'm a digital marketer with 21 years of experience and I've been working with hotels and wedding venues for 12 years.

I recently developed a proven system that allows venues to market their property in a smarter, more profitable way. If your property is looking increase wedding bookings, let's chat and see if we are a good fit.

Or text me at (623) 526-8202

Case Study: The Rose Chapel

The Rose Chapel micro-site shows off the amazing features of the century-old chapel and also features the ballrooms at the on-site hotel. The pages are designed to encourage couples to request more info or schedule a tour.

Compatible With Leads From Any Source

My system works with ALL of your leads, including:
WeddingWire, Here Comes The Guide, TheKnot, & more.

Frequently Asked Questions

View some of the most common questions about my digital marketing and lead management method.

What if I already have a website?

Our websites are designed to convert and have proven to be successful. If you already have a dedicated wedding website that converts at a high rate, we can work with you to integrate our marketing efforts and systems into your existing site. If you you have a full hotel/resort website with a wedding page, we can review that and determine if it will work or recommend a new landing page or micro-site just for weddings.

Do the text messages come from my phone?

You can send texts from your phone, but we will not use your personal phone number.  All texts from our system will be sent from a dedicated phone number that we setup. Our clients install an app on their phone that allows them to text just like they do on their regular texting app, but we keep it separate so you don't get work texts mixed up with personal texts.

Where do the leads come from?

We specialize in Google traffic, both organic and paid. We also have had success with Facebook * Instagram ads. Keep in mind, leads from ALL of your sources can be forwarded directly into our automation system. Even from wedding sites like The Ring, Here Comes The Guide,  WeddingWire, and more. Our system will help you close more leads from all sources.

Landing page or microsite?

Landing pages are good for campaigns that will not be relying on organic search traffic. Example: PPC Ads + Landing Page campaigns can be very effective.

Microsites work really well for both paid traffic and organic search rankings. Microsites are well-suited for long-term success.  

How does the automation work?

When leads are added to the system, they are entered into a series of emails and text messages. The first message includes information that the lead requested and a link to the online booking from. Additional emails and texts are sent over the next couple weeks with information about the venue, links to photos, testimonials and more. Once the lead responds to any message or signs up for a tour, they are immediately removed from the automation sequence.

Do I need to do all 3 steps?

No. We have a bundle price for all 3 steps, but also offer each step at a stand alone price. Keep in mind, you will need a replacement for any of the steps. Otherwise you wouldn't have a website to send couples to, a channel to find prospects in, or a way to track and follow-up with leads.

How much does it cost?

I have options for basic campaigns or extensive marketing efforts that generate a lot of leads. Schedule a meeting and we will create an option to fit your budget and needs.

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